Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I have more designing on the go, but I still need something to work on in my downtime, and that includes not-in-a-hurry knitting like the Citron shawl I'm making from my cotton-candy-coloured handspun Corridale singles.

It also includes some sewing planning (nothing like "I'm going on a trip and I think I need a new purse" to try and talk me into sudden last-minute projects; but I think I should pack first before I decide if I have time)...

...and also some spinning!

Having finished spinning the Sapphire Heather singles, I wound them into a plying ball. I didn't think of that last time, but I was poking around spinning forums where it came up, and boy is it ever a good idea! I wanted to do a three-ply yarn this time, and so I started with a cotton ball to wind things around, and held three singles together and wound them on. Using cotton balls has been an excellent way to wind balls of singles and to wind the plying ball! They wind on to it so nicely, and it doesn't add much weight at all, but provides a good base to get a start with.

I then plied them in two batches (maybe I need a bigger spindle for plying so I can do them in one?), and, though I now suspect I perhaps should have added a little more twist to the ply, I think I ended up with some pretty nice looking yarn. You know, once it was skeined and washed, that is.

Of course these are sitting on display where I can look at them every day now! I have a few ideas for what to do with the yarn, but I'll let you know when I start on something with it.

In the meantime, I'm keeping up the spinning with my next batch of yarn in Tidepool Heather (again from Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Roving).

I love the way the little strands of golden yellow play with the greens and blues in this. I'm working on a more consistent single, but not expecting to get there anytime soon. I'm just glad that it gets that little wee bit better with every bit of practice, and that I'm enjoying the practice. Hard not to enjoy when something so lovely is the result!

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