Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Yarn From Fluff

Sometimes I spend a lot of time thinking about something before deciding to actually do it. A few years ago, about four or so, I set aside the time to read Abby Franquemont's Respect the Spindle. As my daughter put it, "it teaches you how to make yarn from fluff".

Now, I hadn't tried spinning, though I have several friends and acquaintances who do spin, but I had been thinking about giving it a whirl. I'd read a fair bit on the topic for a non-spinner, and was really attracted to the idea of trying it, though actually taking the next step and buying supplies was something I was still mulling over.

The other day, when visiting Pam's Woolly Shoppe in Stony Plain, I took a look at the spindles and such, and finally made up my mind to treat myself to a spindle and some Corriedale. I let each of my girls pick out a small packet of wool fluff for me.
I borrowed Respect the Spindle from the library again (it is now going on my wishlist), and I now have a very small amount of very poorly spun and plied yarn of which I am disproportionately pleased.

I didn't have any flowerpots handy for containing my balls of singles while plying (they all have plants in them at the moment), but I made a little house out of Lego for them, which worked not too badly.

Very enjoyable; I did the park-and-draft thing (can't coordinate it all at once, and probably won't be able to for quite some time), and will enjoy working on more, as there is plenty of fluff left to play and ply with. Also, there is a long way to go to learn how to do this anywhere near well, but I am so glad I finally decided to try this out!

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