Friday, March 07, 2014

In Which I Take a Break from Knitting and Sew for Awhile

It's still very much winter here, but my longing for spring had me sewing up a spring skirt.

Sure, I've made it of wool, but spring is a bit cold here too, eh?

Now, I love this book...

(not just because it's a great reference full of stuff I don't know, but partly for it's 1970s content, and because I actually kinda want to make a room full of foam furniture,

but not so much this hat),

Understitched Facing!

Prepping for Blind Hem
...but for some reason there are a few explanations in it that I can't seem to wrap my head around. This book was my perfectly excellent reference for flat-felled-seams, and it was great at explaining that to me, but for understitching facings and for blind hem stitch using the machine, I had to turn to the internet to make all clear.

Fortunately, the first couple of searches worked, and I now have something in the way of a blind hem on my new skirt! I didn't use a special foot or anything (just the zig-zag one), and it seems to have gone OK except that I should have relaxed the needle thread tension back to what I had it on for straight stitching. I had guessed at tension to be what I had used for zig-zags, but it caused a bit of a pucker.

A bit of tugging, smoothing by hand, and pressing with steam made it look alright in the end, and I suspect wearing it and or washing it (as one washes woolens, of course!) will make it all turn out fine.

Just a bit of hand-stitching to go today, and I hope to wear it tonight to the Wolfe Tones Quiz Night!

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