Friday, February 28, 2014

And the Winner is...

Blue Sparkly Buttons!

Thanks very much to those who helped with the decision, whether here, on facebook, or in person. We had two votes for white, two for undecided, and seven for blue.

It took two tries, but now I have knit this sweater which I have wanted for years now! I love the book that it is from, Knitting it Old School, which has many, many patterns that I want to make. The pattern again is St. Moritz by Snowden Becker, knit in Knit Picks Merino Style (discontinued, but in a lovely colour that my friends Kim and Madison helped me pick out, oh, a couple of years ago, with this sweater in mind). Modifications: Slightly longer and with one less set of waist decreases, and a few more increases as the length continues towards the hips.
I'm very pleased with the sweater, which worked out a treat! It was too chilly outside today to try to wear it without a coat, so please forgive the slightly blurry indoor photos!  To note just how chilly it is (and we're lucky cause I hear Saskatchewan is way chillier today), it is minus 25 Celsius (that's -13 F) with windchill making it feel like minus 37 Celsius (that's about -35 F). Not short-sleeves weather!

I have a plan to make a new skirt, and will plan to wear the sweater with it in the spring (or closer to spring than today, which is not saying much), so I hope to have better photos in future.

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