Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Candy

My husband has been making sponge toffee the last few years for Christmas. I make sure to be on hand, since scraping the foaming molten sugar quickly out of the pot and into the pan is definitely a two-person job.

Apparently, we did a better job with the foaming part than usual, because it foamed up much bigger than the last few times, overwhelming the pan that usually is just the right size:

We also made cranberry-apple jellies and candied oranges this year, and I think they look lovely packaged together.

Nearly everything is done. (Except for cleaning the house top-to-bottom). I have one more gift to pick up today with the kids, and we'll be walking out to get that on our way to buy groceries. I do still have to make a custard and caramel sauce for a trifle that I am planning on making for my contribution to a Christmas dessert. I usually make a gluten-free dessert for Christmas, and so to make this one gluten-free, I made a pound cake from this recipe using coconut flour. There was enough batter left to make a cupcake, and I can report success. If there is a disaster as far as the rest of the trifle-making is concerned, I can at least offer up a tasty pound cake. I'm always less stressed when I have a plan B. After all, I nearly forgot (until looking up the link to the recipe) about going out to buy Calvados, which I have never been able to find so far. Wish me luck!

My plan today is to get through a few necessary tasks, and then relax with my knitting (a last-minute idea that might not get finished in time, but it's still relaxing, because I won't worry if it doesn't get finished in time. Really. At least, I think so...).

I likely won't be posting again until late next week, so I'll close by wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas!

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  1. The foaming candy sounds intriguing. I must try that sometime :-)
    Happy new year!