Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Two Finished Objects

Finished Object 1

I finished this quite a while ago, but as I've been busy, haven't blogged about it. So, here it is, a birthday present I made for my (now) 5-year-old, which, along with her new night-table, an alarm clock (so she doesn't sleep in and miss school when she starts in the fall, and of course, anyone who knows her is laughing at the thought of little-miss-up-at-the-crack-of-dawn doing any such thing), and a balloon, is just what she wanted: A stuffed Manta Ray.

This was a fun little crochet pattern, it being the Manta Ray by Brigitte Read.
it includes pipe-cleaners to make the 'wings' and tail bendy. I did make a few changes, mostly in the sewing up, where I stitched the two layers together inside along the main body area to separate it from the wings, and stuffed that section. Instead of sewing in felt for the mouth, I crocheted two rows of sc stitches inside where I felt the back of the mouth should be, and then sewed the top layer down. I crocheted the two layers together instead of sewing, and made the mouth flaps as part of the edging/ crocheting together. I think it worked well.

Finished Object 2

Just to keep my hands busy, and because I always wanted to do something with that lime-green (or perhaps chartreuse, really) cotton, I knit up a quick washcloth in a basketweave pattern. It went immediately into use while the other washcloths were in the laundry. It's so very bright, but that just makes me smile.

More finished objects coming up soonish!

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  1. Anonymous12:33 pm

    The ray is absolutely adorable!!!