Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Finished Sweater and a Blanket-in-Progress

 My Daughter found a few moments between being busy having fun and enjoying reading to model this sweater I knit for her. She seems to quite like it, which is good, as she picked out the pattern herself. The pattern is Audrey's First Day by Elizabeth Smith, which you can find in the incredibly adorable and also free online magazine Petite Purls.

The Yarn is Bamboo Ewe (Stitch Nation), and we found a few skeins of this colour in the clearance bin, so we picked them up (as they're my eldest's favourite colour), and reunited them with the leftover Periwinkle Bamboo Ewe from my stash for the subtle stripe.

The only change was really in the length (both body and sleeves), and I added more buttons accordingly. Now my daughter has a nifty cardigan to wear when she starts school in the fall!

Now, I must get back to work (football e-mails, baking with the kids, mopping the floor), but I'll leave you with a photo of the blanket-in-progress, with a nectarine for scale. Why a nectarine? I honestly couldn't tell you. What I can tell you though is I'm not getting even remotely bored with this blanket, even though it's all the same stitch, and have started planning to make similar ones (but in different colours) for my daughters.

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