Monday, May 09, 2011

Catching Up

I've been even more busy lately with Gaelic Football, but at least we're out training on the pitch now. After all that snow we had, we're all a little surprised that the ground is dry enough for the fields to be open, but they are, and we're enjoying it. The fake wedding fundraiser went very well (sold out, and I laughed harder than I even thought I could during the show), and here is a photo of the cake I made for it:

I have to say, rather immodestly, that it was delicious. I used the Jiffy Chocolate Cake and the One-Bowl White Cake recipes from Company's Coming Cakes, and the marshmallow fondant recipe from this link.

And, here's what I wore:

I wore my Haruni shawl, and made myself a fascinator using a barrette, a bit of craft foam, some feathers, buttons, and a glue gun.

The weather has been gorgeous lately, but it's early in the spring yet, so I haven't done too much gardening yet--other than my spring cleanup, which I usually get to sometime around Mother's day. I know that if I did a cleanup in the fall, it would, in many ways be better (especially for my mold allergies), but I do love brushing aside dead leaves from last season to find emerging bits of green. I don't do a perfect job of this either, as leaving some leaves for ladybugs to hide under is generally a good idea. It's also good to get a bit of a head-start on the weeding, which I don't suppose I would do if I wasn't in a rush to see what's coming up, like my Giuseppe Verdi Kaufmanniana Tulips:

The very sight of those tulips were what really got me out gardening yesterday; they're so cheerful! I'm always so happy to see my tulips, and am eager to see the rest of them.

I can't risk planting anything outside yet, despite the positive overnight temperatures, but my seedlings are doing well, and I will start hardening-off the first batch this week. The tomatoes are getting tall, and I should really put them into their own pots today if I get a chance. Later this week, I will plant my veggie seeds and such that can be put outside directly, and I am quite looking forward to this.

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