Wednesday, March 02, 2011

In Which We Wish for Warmer Weather

It's cold here.  Too cold.  Way too cold.  We're a wee bit fed up with winter at the moment, but will have to put up with it for another month or two whether we like it or not.  Right now, it's -23 degrees Celsius, but the windchill brings it to -35 degrees Celsius.  It's been like that (within a few degrees anyway) for several days now, and it looks to continue that way for several more.

In the meantime, the kids and I decided to give spring a miss and head straight to summer, if only for the day.  Yesterday, we had an indoor beach party.  After all, the kids did insist on putting on their swimsuits and wandering the house pretending to swim.  I merely encouraged a tidying up of the living room so it could be set up with beach blankets, books about marine life, and a scavenger hunt for various marine-themed toys that I then scattered about the room.

My oldest kept changing outfits throughout the day (it was still rather chilly, so I think it was quite sensible to cover up), but my youngest was determined to stay in her swimsuit all day.  I joined in, putting on my swimsuit with a sarong, and my husband even brought home a pineapple for a pre-dinner snack.

My youngest wandered the halls making swimming motions and shouting 'dim! dim!' (swim, swim!).

It's certainly worthwhile at this time of year to add a bit of fun and colour to our days to make up for the weather and unending whiteness of snow outside, and I've endeavored to add a bit to my knitting as well.

Now that's a cheerful bit of red cotton, and I'm enjoying knitting a ballet top with it for my oldest.  Now it's time to go see how many sweaters I can wear at once... brrr!

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  1. Now that is really something! An indoor swimming trip in the middle of winter :-)