Wednesday, February 09, 2011

In Which We Knit With Beads, and Race Towards a Deadline

Hi, I'm Jessie from Tweedlebug's Garden.  You may remember me from such roles as "Non-Speaking Extra Wearing a Blue Dress" in the episode "Once and Future King" of the TV show Mentors, and "Student Orientation Leader" in a brief news item talking about my summer vacation.  Here I am, appearing in my first-ever internet video, "Drop-Free Method for Adding Beads to Knitting."  As I note in the video, it's not very different, and so, nothing terribly revolutionary, but since it's slightly different, and since it works so well for me, I thought I'd share.

Anyhow, I'm knitting away at my shawl (Haruni) right now, and am attempting to finish it time to wear on Saturday.  I'm not quite halfway through the second chart, but I'm optimistic that I might be nearer to most of the way through the chart by sometime tomorrow.  If I can finish it by Friday night, I can block it then, and wear it Saturday night.  Wish me luck!


  1. Very pretty blue. I have yet to post any internet videos -- camera - shy!

  2. Great video, very clear and not too loooong (like so many of the knitting videos I have seen)
    I use a very similar method, only I use a sewing needle.