Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall and Finishing

Sedum 'Autumn Joy' and friends

I'm a little laissez-faire when it comes to fall gardening, but I'm trying to get at least a little bit of mulching and edging done this week, not to mention preparing a spot for our new oak tree and getting a few other transplants taken care of.  We've seen several frosts already, but we're having a lovely bit of summer weather now; just right for getting outside to enjoy the fall foliage.  I definitely want to share a few photos of my Cotoneaster hedge, which was green one day, and a blaze of colour the next:

Just a brief post today, as it's time for me to get back to knitting.  I'm trying to finish this cardigan done in time for my daughter's second birthday, and it's just over a week away.  Luckily it's time for sewing up, so it should be done soon!


  1. What a gorgeous cardie - nearly there!
    I love Cotoneaster's - or "Cotton-Easters" as my grandmother calls them!!


  2. Hi, just found your blog and have enjoyed looking at all your lovely knitted projects......I have just started my "knit for christmas" pressie list, and it was fun seeing all the christmas projects you managed to knit last year......I have a large family and at the moment still have 8.5 pairs of socks to get knitted........help!
    florrie x

  3. Thanks!

    Now that is a Lot of socks! I'd definitely have to make most of them sport-weight ankle socks to get done on time, but I'll just hope you're a speedier knitter than me!