Monday, July 12, 2010

Works in Progress

Well, the World Cup is over.  Spain played well, and earned their victory, but I'm a little sad that the Dutch didn't win; it was still a close game, and it would have been nice if this was their year.  The important thing though, is that I did get a lot of knitting done during all that soccer watching, and so I've made progress on the Farmer's Market Cardigan

 I'm still really enjoying this project, and, having finished the back since taking the photo, am now shaping the fronts.  The pattern is a bit on the complicated side; not necessarily difficult to knit, but a bit confusing to read sometimes, at least until I decide not to read too far ahead, and come back to it when it's relevant.  That trick usually works, but with this sweater, it is best to know what's coming up as well, so I have to settle for going around in a slightly confused state.  I still can't find where the pattern tells me what to do with the shoulders other than to put them on stitch holders.  I know what I can do with them, but I'd love to be able to find it so I know for sure if there's a reason to finish them in one way rather than another, and if it matters when I do it.

There's a lot I should be working on, besides actually getting my work done around the house.  I'm also supposed to be working on the pile of socks that I have going, and am starting to think I should really settle down and finish one pair before worrying about the other three.  The sewing list is getting bigger (as is the mending pile), so I do hope to get to some of that soon, especially the blind that I've been avoiding (something about spending more time ripping out seams that makes me procrastinate). 

 It's a rainy day today, and looks to be rainy for a fair bit of the week, so I might just get through some of these indoor projects if the kids let me.  If not, though, that's alright; I'm quite enjoying this summer, especially watching the kids enjoy the yard.  

The garden is growing nicely, though I just may have forgotten to water the cucumber while I was busy watching soccer.  Luckily we've been getting a decent amount of rain, so it looks like the only garden casualty from World Cup.  The strawberry is starting to fruit,the zucchini is blooming, and my elder daughter (or Fraggle, perhaps) has eaten most of the peas and radishes out of the garden. 

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