Sunday, June 06, 2010

Busy Weekend

Yesterday we went to meet Grandma and Grandpa at the Children's Festival in St. Albert where the kids had a great time, danced and walked around a lot, and also enjoyed their first snowcone.

Today was a yardwork day.  The lawn was mown, (a few) dandelions were dug, the veggie/columbine garden was weeded, and landscaping fabric was laid down to be covered with rocks.  We ran out of rocks, went of to Canadian Tire, the grocery store, and Tim Hortons.  We're all tired out now, but I do have garden photos to share.

Lingonberry (These ones haven't produced berried before; I think they need a sunnier spot)

A Cheerful Patch of Dianthus

  Hops, still growing voraciously.

Tomorrow I'm back to my regularly scheduled laundry, but there should be some knitting and/or sewing this week, I hope.

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