Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Victoria Day Weekend!

It's a cold and rainy day today like the last few days, but thankfully, no snow.  The columbines and globeflowers were perky and cheerful though, so I took a few chilly minutes to get photos to share.

A few days ago, when it was hot and sunny, I took a few minutes to knit while the kids were playing in the yard.  I've since finished the lower of the two socks, and ripped back and restarted the upper one that I had started a year ago.  I expect it's a pretty clear sign of gauge issues when you have to block a sock to get it onto your foot, but it took me a year to be willing to start over with bigger needles, as I had already started them three times.  I'm very glad I did give these another go, as they're working much better now.  You can see just how dense the first sock is compared to it's stretchy improved version.  These are Bettie’s Lace Stockings by Hana Jason, and I really hope I can finish the second sock in time for next week so that I can wear them to the dinner after my Gaelic Football tournament.  I might just be able to manage, since it's a long weekend. 

Really, Victoria Day weekend is traditionally gardening weekend, but unless it perks up tomorrow, I'm staying indoors and getting some other projects done.  The upside is that with the ground being so wet, it will be easier to pull dandelions, like the ones surrounding the Weeping Crabapple.  (Just a small sample).

In the meantime, it has been cold enough to wear sweaters, so I picked up my daughter's sweater and finished it for her to wear today.

Presenting the
Sailor's Rib Sweater by Wendy Bernard, in Berroco Vintage.  
(Ignore the chaos in the living-room; we've been building forts).  This was a lovely, quick knit, and the yarn is soft, drapey, and washable.  I love the colour, and think my husband did a great job picking it out with me.  
I made a few minor changes, mostly using the 4 year-old guidelines for width, but the 6-year old ones for length, as I have a rather slim and tall daughter.  She also has a somewhat larger head, so I found the neckhole way too small.  After picking up the stitches, knitting them and then binding them off, there was no way I could have gotten this over the younger girl's head, let alone the older one.  So, I pulled those stitches back out, and did a round of half-double crochet instead.  It looks nice, and it fits now.  I also slip-stitch crocheted the selvedges at the bottom sides to stop them curling too much.  I had a great time knitting this project, and hope my daughter enjoys wearing it just as much (so far, it looks like it).

Speaking of neckholes though, does my family just have large heads?  Circumferences here are about, for both daughters, myself, and my husband respectively: 18 3/4", 19", 22", and 23".  I was looking through a knitting book of hats where the women's hats were from 18"-20", and thinking that rather small, wondered, how big are everyone else's heads?  If 18"-20" is more usual, it explains why I find so many hats uncomfortable.

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  1. I love the sweater! It's really great and your daughter is super cute in it! Our family has big heads, too. We've had measuring contests with our friends who say they have big heads and my husband always wins. My 2 year old wears a men's small hat.