Tuesday, December 01, 2009

In Which Parentheses Abound

I started my brother's Whistler 2005 Tuque today while I was at the doctor's office, and went from cast-on to 11 1/2 rounds.  This was about 2 hours, (not too bad for an office that is ridiculously busy), then on to lunch all by myself (hooray!) with a new book (Vinyl Cafe Unplugged), which you can spot my Hand Model (husband who is patient and willing to humour me) reading below.

He's wearing a pair of Dashing that were completed on my self-imposed deadline last night, and that are destined for his cousin for Christmas.  That's 10/17 gifts complete (yes, I did add one to the list, but if I have any more bright ideas from here on in, I'm saving them for birthdays or next year).

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