Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Addictive Selbuvotter

I've finished a second pair of Selbuvotter, and I must say that I really find colourwork addictive.  It goes quickly, as I don't seem to be able to put this down between rounds unless compelled by duty.  I'm quite pleased with these mittens.  I love the colour, and enjoyed making them.  I'm improving at using both hands at once to knit these, and am glad that the puckering (resulting from tension issues) did flatten out with a good soak.
These are NHM #3 by Terri Shea from Selbuvotter :: Biography of a Knitting Tradition .  I do plan to make further good use of this book with mittens for myself, husband, and younger daughter (the eldest is the proud owner of the first pair I made).

On to more Christmas knitting.  That's 8/16 gifts complete (OK, so six of these were very quick crocheted market bags), and three more are halfway done.  My goal is to finish the Muppet socks and Dashing by Monday, hopefully with a good bit of progress on the surprise Hiking Socks for my husband in the meantime as well.

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